29 Jan 2013

KVH told to stop recommending unregistered product

8:48 am on 29 January 2013

The organisation in charge of fighting the bacterial disease laying waste to the kiwifruit industry has been told to stop recommending growers use an unregistered chemical to fight Psa.

The Ministry for Primary Industries has told Kiwifruit Vine Health (KVH) to stop recommending growers use the Citrox BioAlexin as it is not a registered product.

Under the Agricultural Compounds and Veterinary Medicines Act, products being promoted or trialled as a treatment for disease in any crop plant must be registered.

To become registered, a product must undergo scientific trials to prove its effectiveness, safety and that it meets residue requirements.

KVH took Citrox BioAlexin off its list of recommended products last month after being told to do so by the MPI.

At that time, importers of fertiliser Yeti F were rapped over the knuckles for championing its product's Psa-fighting properties in the media, and was ordered to get registration.

Both products can be applied as fertilisers but until they are registered can not be used for disease control.

The Ministry for Primary Industries acknowledges that for the kiwifruit growers desperately trying to preserve their crops and livelihoods the requirement for registration may seem "unnecessarily bureaucratic".

However, it says registration is necessary to protect the industry and international trade.