2 Feb 2013

Still dry in the north

7:27 am on 2 February 2013

Dry conditions continue in the upper North Island.

Northland had another dry week and 100mm of rain is needed over two days, with good follow-up.

The extended dry weather is challenging for vegetable growers at Franklin.

Country Life reports potatoes need water on the hard ground before digging. Despite some fields receiving irrigation, pumpkin crops are aborting fruit.

Growers of indoor crops are working hard to keep internal temperatures below 30 degrees to avoid plants shutting down. Storage dams are now dry.

Fields of onions are good quality, but harvesting machinery is creating excessive dust.

Hills in Waikato seem to have gone brown extremely quickly and rain is needed.

However, Country Life says kiwifruit growers in Bay of Plenty and elsewhere are loving this weather because the PSA vine disease does not.