16 Feb 2013

Obama says US wants to complete TPP trade deal

9:14 am on 16 February 2013

Federated Farmers says the commitment made by US President, Barack Obama, to the Trans-Pacific Partnership trade deal is extremely promising for New Zealand farmers.

In his State of the Union address this week, Mr Obama said the United States is looking to complete the negotiations to boost American exports and support American jobs.

Federated Farmers president Bruce Wills says the comments are encouraging because a TPP deal could be a game changer for both New Zealand's economy and its primary industries.

He hopes Mr Obama's comments are a sign the United States might lower some of its trade barriers.

Alistair Polson, New Zealand special agricultural trade envoy, says the key to the trade talks is getting farmers whose domestic industries are heavily protected to realise they stand to gain more through exporting to Asia's markets than guarding their own backyard.