19 Feb 2013

Dairy goat co-op sees big increase in interest

6:27 am on 19 February 2013

The New Zealand Dairy Goat Co-operative says milking goats for a living has never been as attractive as it is now, with new farmers queuing up to join the industry.

Spokesperson Vicki McLean said 48 farmers belong to the Waikato-based co-op at the moment, but 10 more are joining in 2013 and 15 in 2014.

She said farmers are converting from dry stock units as well from dairy cows while other suppliers were "lifestyle blockers".

Some investors are also considering entering the goat milk industry.

Ms McLean said all the milk the co-operative collects is turned into infant milk powder for export to Asia and Europe and in 2012 it turned over $100 million.

Other dairy goat farmers in New Zealand supply milk to specialty cheese makers.

"It's definitely a really hot industry right now", Ms McLean said "and it's actually great to be in it and be a part of it."