23 Feb 2013

DCD tainted products not caught up in Chinese rejections

6:57 pm on 23 February 2013

The Ministry for Primary Industries says none of the dairy products recently destroyed by Chinese authorities contained DCD residues.

China's food quality authority has published its quarterly list of products that have not complied with labelling and other regulations. and it included 97 kilos of milk products.

Fonterra says none of its exports to China have been destroyed.

MPI director general Wayne McNee said as far as the ministry is aware the rejected products did not include any containing traces of the nitrification inhibitor DCD found in some New Zealand milk samples.

Wayne McNee says markets accept that New Zealand dairy products are safe. Any DCD residues found have been well below the European Union daily intake levels.

But he says overseas regulators said they would like to know about such issues earlier, before information is given to the media.