19 May 2013

Final emergency hay shipment goes to Tauranga port

8:10 pm on 19 May 2013

The final shipment of emergency hay has been delivered to Port of Tauranga, however, shipments are continuing into Port of Napier until the end of June to help drought affected farmers.

Federated Farmers co-ordinated the delivery of 100,000 bales of hay to Tauranga from Canterbury.

The hay was then trucked to farmers in Bay of Plenty over six weeks.

Federated Farmers grain and seed vice-chairperson David Clark says the extra shipments have made a big difference to farmers.

He says it would have taken two or three months to get feed brought up from Canterbury by truck which would have been far too late.

"This has been a huge contribution to getting them into winter and keeping their stock in good condition to run through winter."

Mr Clark says Port of Tauranga, Port of Lyttelton and Pacifica Shipping helped out by providing a discount on their normal rates.