12 Jun 2013

Infant formula exporter supports new register

6:41 am on 12 June 2013

A New Zealand infant formula exporter is supporting action by the Ministry for Primary Industries that will require all brands of formula shipped from this country to be registered.

Last year, the ministry launched a crackdown on the growing trade in illegal shipments of formula by uncertified exporters, mainly to China.

Only properly certified exporters complying with the regulations are allowed to export dairy products.

MPI has now moved a step further. It opened a new register on Friday, which requires companies sending branded formula to China to register their brands by 20 June.

Carrickmore Nutrition managing director Christopher Claridge, who is also chief administrative officer of the recently formed New Zealand Infant Formula Exporters Association, said it's a good move.

"That register will contain all the details about the brand, a copy of its label and also details of its Chinese registration."

He said the centralised data will give Chinese consumers confidence that the brand their child is consuming originated from New Zealand.

In addition, he said when that is coupled with the certificate of origin and the e-cert system which MPI operates, it will give the Chinese government and consumers much more confidence.

Mr Claridge said the association's main concern is Chinese formula manufacurers who falsely label their products as coming from New Zealand.