29 Oct 2009

Average season for lamb and calf losses - slink skin company

12:54 pm on 29 October 2009

The largest slink-skin processor in New Zealand says it's been an average season for lamb and calf losses on farms.

The Slink Skins company in Southland processes the carcases of dead lambs and calves collected from farms around the country.

Manager Ray Watson estimates 700,000 - 800,000 lambs have been collected this season and almost half a million calves.

He describes lambing and calving conditions this spring as better than average in many parts of the country, but that was off-set by heavy losses earlier this month from snow storms in the central North Island and the Canterbury high country.

Mr Watson says the world recession and high dollar have had a heavy impact on demand and prices, especially for calf skins, which halved in value this year.