9 Feb 2010

Meat industry negotiations on promotion still going

6:05 am on 9 February 2010

Meat & Wool New Zealand is still negotiating with processors and exporters about getting them to contribute more to meat promotion.

The agency wants meat companies to increase their share of funding for joint marketing programmes beyond the 20% they contributed last year.

It's just launched a new lamb promotion campaign funded from farmer levies has just been launched in Britain, in New Zealand's biggest lamb market.

Market development manager Craig Finch says meat companies are involved in some joint promotional efforts in other overseas markets, but they're still talking about expanding that arrangement.

Meanwhile, Meat & Wool and three exporters, Silver Fern, Alliance and ANZCO, are continuing market research project on developing the meat trade to China.

It's now this country's second biggest sheepmeat market, but much of the meat sent there is low value cuts.