8 Jun 2010

More new apple, pear varieties ready for market

2:13 pm on 8 June 2010

The company that commercialises new pipfruit varieties developed in New Zealand says several more apple and pear cultivars are ready to go to market.

Prevar is a joint-venture company that includes the New Zealand and Australian pipfruit industries and Plant and Food Research, formally HortResearch, which breeds the new varieties.

So far, it has licensed four or five apples and three or four pears, all developed by HortResearch.

The latest new apple, a mini-sized sweet red apple called Rocket, will be sold this season in very limited quantities.

Prevar's chief executive, Brett Ennis, says three more apple cultivars being trialled are following close behind, and Prevar is also negotiating with marketing companies for the launch of two novel pear varieties.

In total, Mr Ennis says, the company has more than 30 new apple and 20 pear cultivars under trial here and overseas.