16 Jun 2010

Depreciating dollar? Bring it on, say producers

5:32 pm on 16 June 2010

Primary producers hope the Government's prediction that the New Zealand dollar will significantly depreciate against its major trading partners over the next five years comes true.

The Ministry of Agriculture and Forestry's latest Situation and Outlook report says agriculture and forestry exporters can afford to be more optimistic about the future, with high prices forecast.

Its prediction is based on the New Zealand dollar trading at 51 cents against the US dollar and 43 cents against the euro by 2014.

Pipfruit New Zealand's chief executive, Peter Beaven, says more than half its exports are traded in US dollars, so news of a depreciating New Zealand dollar is good.

Mr Beaven says the Asian and Middle Eastern markets have grown over the past year four years from 13% of this country's pipfruit exports to 35%.