16 Aug 2010

Dairy industry launches media campaign

10:58 am on 16 August 2010

The dairy industry has launched a media campaign to improve its tarnished public image.

DairyNZ is running a series of new print and television commercials which focus on the industry's achievements.

DairyNZ's chief executive, Tim Mackle, says farmers know the industry is associated with dirty farming practices, and they want to show the public that they are working on reducing the size of their environmental footprint.

Dr Mackle says they also want the public to be proud of what they do.

He says New Zealand has been the world's best in the dairy industry for many decades and it would be good for the public to hear that.

He says Dairy NZ will carry out a public perception survey to measure the success of the campaign.

Agricultural economics expert Dr Caroline Saunders the promotional campaign needs to go a step further in addressing the public's environmental concerns.

Dr Saunders, professor of trade and environmental economics at Lincoln University, says it's a positive first step, but she hopes it is followed up with advertisements that explain what the dairy industry is doing to reduce its environmental footprint.