26 Jul 2010

Contractor objects to 'unsuitable' workers

1:13 pm on 26 July 2010

The co-owner of a labour contracting firm says the Ministry of Social Development interferes too much in the makeup of the seasonal work force.

David Ryder of Hawke's Bay-based firm Agworks says when the unemployment rate increases the Ministry of Social Development wants it to use more local workers, who he says may not always be suitable.

Mr Ryder says the work is skilled and some of it is very demanding because contractors are trying to produce a high quality product.

He says contractors are working on a commission rate of 15% to 22%, so high quality work and high productivity are essential.

Mr Ryder says if there are workers who are not physically fit, not skilled and unwilling to do hard physical work then the quality and productivity is bad and the contractor will lose work.