26 Jul 2010

NZ group aims to work with Thai dairy industry

1:18 pm on 26 July 2010

A New Zealand group is proposing to help Thailand develop its dairy industry.

The group's leader, Waikato lawyer Michael Grayson, says the industry in Thailand is very small compared to New Zealand's and is shrinking as the cost of production rises.

Mr Grayson says his group is promoting pasture-based grazing systems as a way to reduce the cost of production.

He says his group would create demonstration farms in Thailand and provide training for farm workers and managers.

Thailand has had a dairy industry since the 1960s, he says, and the average farmer has a herd of 20 cows.

A Thai delegation which visited Waikato's Innovation Park and Agresearch's Tokonui research farm last week will take a recommendation back to its Government for consideration, he says.