11 Sep 2008

Research begins on reducing 1080 use

1:00 pm on 11 September 2008

Scientists from Landcare Research are embarking on three projects looking at more effective pest and tuberculosis control.

The research teams are aiming to reduce the use of 1080 poison by 95%, and will also look at introducing vaccinations for both possums and cattle.

The first project, which will be conducted at Molesworth Station in Marlborough, will compare the effectiveness of different sowing rates of 1080 by targeting coverage areas, to see if less bait can be used.

The second project will focus on vaccinating cattle to protect against TB-infected possums.

Research programme leader at Landcare Research, Graham Nugent, says at the same time scientists will begin a world-first project comparing the effectiveness of using the vaccination alone, or with a small amount of toxin, or using the toxin on its own.

Graham Nugent says the first results from the targeted coverage project will be available in about six months, while those from the other trials are expected to be released in about two years.