29 Sep 2010

Farm visits build picture of Southland losses

6:07 am on 29 September 2010

Federated Farmers and Rural Support Trust representatives in Southland are building up a more accurate picture of losses and help needed following last week's snowstorms.

Doing the rounds to check on farms caught in the thick of the storms, they have been distributing food supplies and information sheets with advice that includes steps to prevent disease spreading as a result of stock deaths.

Federated Farmers says they also have questionnaires asking farmers what help they need.

Southland president Rod Pemberton estimates that 800 - 900 farms have been visited so far and farm advisers will make follow-up visits to some farms.

So far about two-thirds of the of the 1200 'food baskets' supplied by rural businesses have been distributed.

Mr Pemberton says 'food baskets' will also be distributed to South Otago farmers hit by the severe weather.