8 Oct 2010

Two fruit businesses in receivership

6:06 am on 8 October 2010

Pipfruit New Zealand says the state of the pipfruit industry is not to blamefor two fruit businesses based in Hawke's Bay, being put into receivership.

Opey and Edenz account for 5% of Hawke's Bay's pipfruit production, with another 4% going through their packhouses.

Both companies, which have related shareholding, were put into receivership two weeks ago with debts owing to several creditors.

Pipfruit NZ chief executive Peter Beaven says that while returns for some apple varieties are low because of a high exchange rate, and a static European export market, he believes the industry is still in good shape.

Mr Beaven also says the organic apple sector has had a reasonable season this year, with exports to Europe fetching a premium of more than $10 per carton over conventional apple varieties.