15 Oct 2010

New product to reduce truck emissions

12:57 pm on 15 October 2010

Ballance Agri-Nutrients is making a product that will help heavy trucks cut emissions.

GoClear, a urea-based product, is a supplement added to diesel engines to break down nitrogen oxide, reducing emissions by 70% to 90%.

Ballance chief executive Larry Bilodeau says it will provide a new income stream for the fertiliser company, which has had declining fertiliser sales in the past few years.

He says the current market in New Zealand for the GoClear solution is about 1 million litres per year.

He expects this to grow to five million as the heavy truck fleet is renewed to meet the latest emission standards.

Mr Bilodeau says one of the company's biggest customers will be Fonterra, which travels 75 million km per year.