19 Oct 2010

New asparagus growing venture in Waikato

1:52 pm on 19 October 2010

Companies behind a multi-million dollar asparagus growing venture in Waikato expect it to boost the country's production by more than a quarter.

Mystery Creek Asparagus has been set up by produce company Turners & Growers, its export subsidiary Delica Ltd and the country's largest asparagus grower, Boyd's Asparagus.

They forecast nearly 600-tonnes of asparagus will be produced annually from 40 hectares of land near the Mystery Creek field days site, for local and international markets.

Delica general manager Alastair Hulbert says it's a major new investment in what has been a shrinking industry and will increase the country's production by nearly 28%..

Last year, just over 2000 tonnes of asparagus was produced.

Mr Hulbert says planting is already underway and he expects full production to be reached in four years time.