26 Oct 2010

Farmer might sell wool stockpile - if price is right

6:03 am on 26 October 2010

A West Coast sheep farmer who has a stockpile of almost four tonnes of wool, says he might be tempted to part with it - if the price is right under a marketing co-operative.

Kees van Beek from Hokitika says the proposed Wool Partners Co-operative Limited, which would replace the Wool Partners International joint venture, could be the way forward for the struggling wool industry.

Mr van Beek says he has not wanted to sell his wool for the past few years while prices have been very low.

But he says he is now seriously considering offloading it, especially if it will benefit the industry as a whole.

He says there have been many false starts in the wool industry in the past and he hopes this latest attempt to lift its profitability is successful.