3 Nov 2010

Braeburn apple exports 'risky'

10:02 am on 3 November 2010

The braeburn apple variety, which once commanded the highest export returns for New Zealand growers, is now described as a high-risk proposition.

An article in the latest Hawke's Bay Fruitgrowers newsletter suggests braeburn growers should consider sending all of next year's crop to Enzafoods for processing.

Pipfruit New Zealand says the expected supply of braeburns, which have been New Zealand's main commercial variety, will exceed market demand.

Chief executive Peter Beaven says braeburn now has competition from other varieties such as jazz and pink lady in Europe and Britain.

Mr Beaven says growers are expecting the 2011 crop to increase by up to 25% on 2010, and that volume needs to be managed if growers don't want to destroy the market.

He says the apple industry has to accept the fact braeburns are not as popular with overseas consumers as they used to be.