29 Nov 2010

Proposed new wool co-op extends its share offer

1:48 pm on 29 November 2010

The proposed new farmer wool co-operative is extending its share offer till the middle of next month.

The Wool Partners Co-operative needs to raise $65 million to start up and get farmers to commit at least half of the strong wool clip.

Farmers initially had until Tuesday to subscribe at $1 per kilo of greasy wool, but co-op chairman Jeff Grant says many have asked for an extension to give them more time to go through the decision-making process.

He says there are cases where farms are owned by corporate and trust structures and need to comply with governance rules before accepting the offer.

Jeff Grant says the closing date for the share offer will now be 17 December.

Farmers will pay for their shares in 20 cent instalments over five years and if the co-op doesn't reach its subscription target, farmers who have made the first commitment will get their money back.