10 Dec 2010

Funding for cloud-seeding sought

1:43 pm on 10 December 2010

A Waikato farming leader is seeking funding for cloud-seeding experiments, in the hope of bringing some more rain in the region.

Federated Farmers Waikato president Stew Wadey took two advocates of cloud-seeding to Wellington on Thursday for talks with NIWA and the Agriculture Minister's office.

Mr Wadey says carried out cloud-seeding was carried-out in drought-afflicted parts of the South Island in 1969-70, with some success, using dry ice to trigger rainfall from moisture-bearing clouds.

He says iodine and saline solutions are also used in cloud-seeding operations in some parts of the world, including Tasmania.

He's now going to appropach agricultural industry bodies such as Dairy NZ and Beef + Lamb New Zealand for funding, although he recognises it will be too late to make an impact on drought conditions in Waikato this summer.