24 Jan 2011

Collaboration key to higher meat prices, companies told

1:52 pm on 24 January 2011

A new strategy for the red meat sector proposes to ask meat companies to work more collaboratively when selling New Zealand meat in overseas markets.

The change is one of three being proposed to farmers and industry at a series of meetings starting on Monday.

Other changes focus on the way farmers run their businesses and sell stock, as well as the price that meat companies are paying for stock.

Meat Industry Association chair Bill Falconer, says exporters need to change their behaviour, and, in some situations, work more collaboratively to achieve better returns for farmers.

The strategy also suggests that farmers will also need to change their behaviour if the red meat sector is to lift its performance.

Deloitte senior partner Alasdair MacLeod who is leading the work, says opportunities exist in improving stock procurement and management.