10 Nov 2008

Project to track greenhouse gas emmissions

5:55 pm on 10 November 2008

A project is set to begin for the apple industry, measuring the greenhouses gases associated with producing the fruit, as well as finding ways to reduce the emissions.

It one of about 10 research programmes that the Government has funded to help primary export industries to measure and manage their carbon foot prints.

Sarah McLaren, a research leader for Landcare Research, which is heading the pipfruit project, says it has been triggered by the food miles debate, associated with exporting primary produce to Europe, where there has been a lot of consumer concern about the greenhouse gas emissions that come from producing food.

She says the project will look at the orchard, harvesting, onward distribution to different markets and final consumption.

Ms McLaren says there are three parts to the project: the first is finding out where the greenhouse gas emissions are in the growing process.

She says the second is looking at reduction opportunities and the third is looking at what it means for the industry, how they can reduce their carbon footprints and respond to the international markets.

Ms McLaren says these projects enable New Zealand producers to show overseas markets that they are being pro-active about reducing their carbon emissions.

The project's results will be announced at Pipfruit New Zealand's conference next July.