20 Nov 2008

NZ Farm Open Day mooted

1:05 pm on 20 November 2008

Federated Farmer representatives are enthusiastic about a new way to give townies a better understanding of what farming is all about.

The federation's national council has this week given unanimous support to the idea of holding an annual Farm Open Day, where a designated farm in each region would open its gates to the local community.

The proposal came from Wairapara president, Anders Crofoot who says the concept has been very successful in Britain as a way of bridging the gap between town and country.

Provincial communications co-ordinator Ali Undorf-Lay, who's seen how it works in Britain, says the event's become extremely popular, with about 150,000 people visiting 250 farms on the first Sunday of June each year.

Details still have to be worked out about how a New Zealand version would be held.