5 Jul 2011

Challenges at start of new identification system

1:00 pm on 5 July 2011

The chief executive of the organisation bringing in a new compulsory identification system for cattle and deer has told farmers that policing the scheme during its introductory phase will be a challenge.

The NAIT scheme was due to be introduced for cattle this year but, because of delays in getting legislation passed before the election, it will not start until next year.

Federated Farmers had strongly opposed a compulsory identification scheme for individual livestock but now accepts it will be introduced and its aim is to get the best system in place for farmers.

The head of NAIT, Russell Burnard, told Federated Farmer representatives at their national conference in Rotorua, that farmers will have three years to register their animals and tag them with radio frequency ear tags.

He acknowledges that keeping track of that will be an issue.