7 Jul 2011

Seven wool projects to receive last of levy fund

6:03 am on 7 July 2011

Beef + Lamb New Zealand has chosen seven entrepreneurial wool projects to receive a share of of its remaining wool levy money.

The organisation had more than $500,00 left over from money collected before farmers voted two years ago not to pay a levy on wool anymore.

Beef + Lamb says projects have been chosen that show the greatest potential to pump money back into the wool industry and farmers' pockets.

They include a project scoping out the potential for manufacturing and selling high-value woollen bedding.

Wool Equities chair Cliff Heath says as well as finding new uses for finer cross-bred wool, it would breath new life to the spinning and weaving industry.

Other projects to receive Beef + Lamb funding include a company researching the production of a super absorbent wool-based material for use in nappies, hygiene and wound-care products

The Shearing Contractors Association will also receive funding for a quality assurance programme.