18 Jul 2011

Kiwifruit growers subsidy extended

6:26 am on 18 July 2011

Stormy weather has further extended the cut-off date for a subsidy for kiwifruit growers to spray copper on their vines to reduce the chance of PSA infection.

The copper provides protection to leaf scars on the vines.

Kiwifruit Vine Health which has the responsibility of administering a management plan for the vine-killing disease, says it's the third time the cut off period for the subsidy has been extended.

General Manager John Burke says wet weather and strong winds over the past few weeks have made it impossible for many growers to use their sprayers.

He says 25 July is the new cut-off date for the subsidy, as most kiwifruit growers should have completed their spray programme by then.

Mr Burke says it would also be dangerous to apply copper to vines within four weeks of using the chemical Hi Cane which promotes budbreak.