'Farmy Army' puts roast on the menu

9:42 am on 12 August 2011

The Farmy Army that has helped with post-earthquake clean-ups in Christchurch was back in the city on Friday, this time delivering Sunday roast packs to people living in the shattered eastern suburbs.

Volunteers were distributing 600 packs of frozen lamb donated by the Alliance Meat Co-operative along with vegetables given by growers in Ashburton, Rakaia, and Darfield.

The New Brighton police station was the main distribution point for the Sunday roast packs. They were being delivered to people unable to get there, as well as to residents in Sumner and Lyttleton.

Helen Heddel, the Farmy Army's catering co-ordinator, says the meat was left over from the large quantities donated after the February quake and was kept in storage for future quakes or when needed.

She says eastern suburb families were facing worries over their future, the future of their properties, and over money, along with the daily view of liquefaction and destroyed gardens and houses, "so we thought comfort food would be a good idea."

The pack comes with a meat and lamb recipe brochure so families can choose how they would like to cook their meal.