2 Sep 2011

Wool demand picks up after brief lull

5:42 am on 2 September 2011

Demand for wool picked up again after a brief lull, stimulating a lift in most wool prices at this week's South Island sale.

New Zealand Wool Services International says short supply combined with steady demand overcame the negative effects of a stronger New Zealand dollar, which had little impact on returns.

A small amount of merino fleece, along with fine crossbred fleece and shears, fetched up to 1.5% more than the previous sale.

Coarse Cross fleece and shears mostly held their prices, but mid-micron prices were more mixed, with some types rising by 2% - 3% and the 27 to 30 micron group easing by about the same percentage.

Some 86% of the 7800 bales on offer were sold, with the strongest demand coming from Australasia and China.