20 Sep 2011

Fed Farmers denies dragging chain on pylon compo

4:54 pm on 20 September 2011

Federated Farmers says it hasn't given up on its campaign to get annual payments for land-owners who have power pylons on their properties.

But it's biding its time, it says, until it sees the best opportunity to push the Government on the issue again.

The long-running debate on compensation has surfaced again in a dispute between the national electricity grid operator, Transpower, and a South Canterbury farm owner, Jeremy Talbot.

Transpower is expecting to lodge an application with the Environment Court this week seeking access to Mr Talbot's farm so that it can strengthen the foundations of two pylons on the land -

work it regards as essential maintenance.

It says it has reached agreement with the other affected landowners to go onto their land to carry out the work.

Mr Talbot is resisting, however: he says the pylon strengthening is part of major upgrading work to increase the carrying capacity of the Roxburgh-Islington transmission lines, and on that basis he's seeking a different level of compensation to what Transpower has offered.

He has criticised Federated Farmers for not continuing to push Transpower and the Government on behalf of the affected landowners.