7 Oct 2011

AgResearch works more closely with pastoral sector

10:29 am on 7 October 2011

The country's biggest crown research institute, AgResearch, has emerged from major restructuring over the past year financially stronger, and with a new focus on working more closely with the pastoral farming sector.

AgResearch has turned an $8 million deficit in the previous year into an after-tax profit of more than $6 million.

But it came at a cost of more than 30 staff redundancies and the loss of some senior executives and scientists.

AgResearch chair Sam Robinson says the changes were partly self-imposed and partly the result of Government-led reforms.

He says the changes have put AgResearch much closer to the pastoral sector it was set up to serve.

Mr Robinson says rather than having scientists working on a random basis, AgResearch has dedicated people working in partnership with the sector to understand the strategy of that sector.

He says AgResearch then identifies where it can add value, what its needs are and where the science can work quickly to solve problems.

Mr Robinson says there is much more of a focus on the customer.