13 Oct 2011

Tankers to collect more milk for next three months

7:43 pm on 13 October 2011

Fonterra's milk collection tankers will be carrying an extra tonne of milk for the next three months to cope with unexpected milk flows across the country.

The dairy co-operative says the New Zealand Transport Agency has granted it a temporary increase to its loading limits, which allows tankers to collect up to 45 tonnes of milk a shift until the end of the year, up from a limit of 44 tonnes.

Fonterra's managing director of trade and operations Gary Romano says with 450 tankers on the road during peak production, that's a big help.

He says the increase is well within the design capacity of the tankers and Fonterra's drivers are trained to handle the bigger loads.

He says the tanker fleet will be able to collect an extra 1.2 million litres of milk every day during that time.

Good weather conditions this year resulted in the milk flush coming in earlier than forecast, putting pressure on Fonterra's milk collection system.