7 Nov 2011

Wools of NZ Trust to talk to industry about its future

7:27 am on 7 November 2011

Trustees of the new farmer-owned Wools of New Zealand Trust are going out to the rest of the industry over the next two or three weeks to talk about the future role of the wool promotion and technical services body.

And they say they will be talking to all interests, not just farmers.

Wools of New Zealand was set up with farmer levy money under the old Wool Board and became part of the Wool Partners International joint venture between PGG Wrightson and growers.

That was dismantled earlier this year and Wools of New Zealand has been placed back into full farmer ownership through the trust.

One of the three trustees, Mark Shadbolt, says the promotional body will continue to be funded in the meantime by a voluntary levy paid by more than 4000 sheep farmers who sell their wool through PGG Wrightson.

But he sees it as the core for building a new marketing structure for the industry.

Mr Shadbolt says they will meet with all the major players in the industry and seek their views on what they see as the assets or value of Wools of New Zealand.

He says from there they will develop a model alongside the growers and the industry.