18 Nov 2011

Silver Fern Farms expects stable export market

1:31 pm on 18 November 2011

Meat processor and exporter Silver Fern Farms is expecting meat export markets to stay relatively stable in the midst of global economic turmoil.

Silver Fern says it is now seeing the benefits of three years of restructuring, debt reduction and a new marketing strategy.

It has posted an operating surplus of more than $40 million in the past year, turning around a loss of $8 million the previous year.

Chief executive Keith Cooper expects stock prices to remain relatively strong this season.

However, he says current prices will fall once the grass surplus on farms is gone and farmers start sending more stock to the works.

Fonterra says it is also in a good position to deal with the financial turmoil in international markets.

The dairy co-operative's chairman Sir Henry van der Heyden says that's because it has focused on markets such as China, whose economy is growing annually at the equivalent of the entire economy of Italy.