1 Dec 2011

NIWA predicts a relatively settled summer

7:51 am on 1 December 2011

Thursday is officially the first day of summer and farmers who have been flush with grass are advised to make the most of it, as dryer and warmer weather heads their way.

The National Institute of Water and Atmospheric Research is forecasting a relatively settled summer, with less wind, less rain and warmer temperatures.

NIWA's principal climate scientist James Renwick says an exception to this will be in Northland, where more rain than normal is expected to fall.

He says the dryer conditions will be most noticeable in the South Island, particularly on the West Coast, where soil moisture deficits are expected in the next few months.

Dr Renwick says the La Nina weather event is weaker than this time last year, when spring was dryer and warmer than usual.

He says it hasn't been a wet spring throughout, but there has been a relatively wet period quite recently.

Dr Renwick says relatively settled conditions are expected this summer and there is a chance the land will dry out significantly.