5 Dec 2011

Psa confirmed on three South Auckland orchards

5:22 am on 5 December 2011

Kiwifruit Vine Health has confirmed three orchards in South Auckland have the vine-killing disease PSA.

Earlier this week, the organisation reported an orchard in the Franklin District has PSA V, the first time it has been found outside Bay of Plenty.

Two other orchards in the district were also suspected of having the disease and have since tested positive.

PSA V has infected 889 properties, or 27% of the country's kiwifruit orchards, since it was discovered near Te Puke last November.

Kiwifruit Vine Health general manager John Burke says it's continuing to spread, with 21 orchards testing positive in the past week.

He says one of those orchards was in Rotorua, which until now has been free of the disease, although it is near the Bay of Plenty high-risk area.

The Whakatane priority zone has been extended to cover that orchard.