5 Dec 2011

Pipfruit looking good

5:57 am on 5 December 2011

Pipfruit orchards are looking good in Hawke's Bay. While flowering was about 10 days late, the warm weather means fruit size is ahead of normal, measured in terms of days after full bloom.

Country Life reports the dry weather has been good because there's little russet around, although black spot's a problem for some after a wet spring and there are questions about how good some new generation fungicides are.

Black spot sends apples to the juicer rather than the fresh market and it's costly harvesting the good fruit around the affected ones. Summerfruit crops are running late and some are very light.

However, Country Life reports the cherry crop is poor due to a lack of winter chill and it will clash with Otago fruit which is running early.

Processing vegetable crops like peas, tomatoes and sweet corn are booming away in the good conditions