14 Dec 2011

$54,000 farm effluent fine

6:31 pm on 14 December 2011

A Bay of Plenty dairy farmer has been fined $54,395 for discharging effluent where it might enter water.

Alexander Paul Atkinson was sentenced in the Environment Court in Tauranga on Wednesday in relation to a mechanical breakdown in November last year, on the farm he was managing.

An irrigator stalled in a paddock on Glenholme Farms, which resulted in effluent flowing to a farm drain which entered a tributary of the Nukuhou River.

Judge Jeff Smith said steps were taken afterwards to minimise the environmental effect on the river.

He also said the offence was negligence rather than a deliberate attempt to pollute nearby waterways.

Glenholme Farms has been ordered to pay $36,000 plus court costs and Mr Atkinson has been personally fined $17,000, also plus court courts.