2 May 2012

New Zealand football in the black

2:57 pm on 2 May 2012

New Zealand Football has recorded a surplus of $212,000, the fourth straight year the organisation has been in the black.

The surplus for 2011 comes on the back of reinvestment of 2010's record $7.7 million surplus.

The New Zealand Football Foundation - created with a portion of FIFA World Cup prizemoney - awarded over $100,000 worth of grants to grassroots football projects around the country.

Meanwhile an international activity reserve has allowed a sustained international programme at all levels without relying on a potential four-yearly World Cup windfall.

NZF chairman Frank van Hattum says the onus is on the organisation to invest wisely and navigate its way prudently through the years ahead without relying on large FIFA payouts.

He says the financial results show NZF is meeting that challenge.