22 Aug 2012

Knights given task of resurrecting the Blues

5:07 pm on 22 August 2012

Two knights have now been charged with riding to the rescue of the ailing Blues Super rugby side.

Former All Blacks coach Sir Graham Henry's been appointed Sir John Kirwan's assistant for the 2012 season.

Sir Graham will be in charge of the Blues' defence, much as Wayne Smith is at the Chiefs.

The current All Blacks' skills coach, Mick Byrne, has been given the job of managing the Blues' forwards, and Grant Doorey, who coached alongside Sir John in Italy and Japan, will run the backline.

Sir Graham says he asked to join the Blues in a similar role by former coach Pat Lam but declined saying the timing wasn't right.

However he says he couldn't continue to ignore the lure of daily coaching and had to feed what he calls the 'disease' that keeps him coming back for more.