21 Nov 2012

Gallen shocked by shoulder charge ban

6:08 am on 21 November 2012

New South Wales league captain Paul Gallen is shocked at the ARL Commission's proposal to ban the shoulder charge.

The Commission made its decision after considering a detailed report into the shoulder charge from the Sydney Roosters chief executive Brian Canavan.

The review found that shoulder charges made up point 05 per cent of the more than 142,000 tackles made last season, with less than four per cent resulting in injury to the attacking player and less than one per cent to the defensive player.

Paul Gallen says he's shocked by the decision, and reducing the number of interchanges would have been a smarter move because it would make it harder for bigger players to produce so many huge hits.

He also thinks the fans will be disappointed by the decision.

The proposed rule amendment will be put before the ARL commission next month.