29 Nov 2012

Campese apologises for sexist tweet

10:57 am on 29 November 2012

Wallabies great David Campese has apologised after being reprimanded by Australian Federal Sports Minister Kate Lundy for questioning whether a female newspaper journalist should write about rugby.

Campese tweeted that a "girl" shouldn't be covering rugby and then later dug the hole deeper as he tried to defend his stance by saying he meant female journalists weren't as tough on coaches.

In the original tweet posted on Wednesday morning Campese referred to Fairfax journalist Georgina Robinson, who is covering Australia's current tour of Europe.

Campese deleted the original sexist tweet but was unable to use his famous goose-step to avoid the criticism.

His day didn't get much better when he then tweeted his phone number to his 8,000-odd followers when he tried to direct message the number to one of them.