4 Jan 2013

Man accused of abusing Bolt at Olympics on trial

1:35 pm on 4 January 2013

A British man has gone on trial accused of screaming abuse at Usain Bolt and hurling a beer bottle onto the track as the Olympic men's 100 metres final was starting.

The court heard that the packed 80,000-seat Olympic Stadium had fallen silent in anticipation of the race when Ashley Gill-Webb, 34, began shouting insults like "Usain I want you to lose, Usain you are bad."

The Jamaican sprinter did not hear the abuse or see the beer bottle which landed behind the starting line, and went on to win the race in 9.63 seconds, the second-fastest time recorded.

Gill-Webb did not have a ticket to attend the 100 metres final but had somehow got to the front of an exclusive seating area, among members of the Dutch Olympic team.

After his outburst, Gill-Webb was restrained by volunteer workers and arrested.