20 Jan 2013

Armstrong has hurt all sports: Federer

8:48 am on 20 January 2013

Tennis great Roger Federer says athletes in all sports have been hurt by the Lance Armstrong drugs scandal.

The Swiss 17-time grand slam champion says the disgraced cyclist's long-term performance-enhancing drug use, to which he has admitted, took a toll on all sportspeople in what they had to endure to avoid suspicion.

Calling it "a sad story", Federer says obviously Armstrong has hurt his sport in a big way, and maybe all other sports as well.

Federer says right now it's not fun times really to be in sports.

Andy Murray is also backing a tougher anti-doping regime for tennis, including biological passports and more blood tests, to keep the sport drug-free after the Armstrong scandal.

Serena Williams calls the Armstrong saga "sad" and women's number one Victoria Azarenka says the disgraced cyclist "deserves everything he gets", Murray says he supports tighter controls to make sure that every sport's as clean as possible.