6 Feb 2013

Beyonce not to be blame for Superbowl power cut say officials

5:38 am on 6 February 2013

Performer Beyonce's half-time show had nothing to do with the power cut which held up the American football Superbowl for more than half an hour, according to the National Football League.

The 35-minute disruption came moments after performer Beyonce lit up the Superdome with a halftime spectacular.

Officials from the NFL, the New Orleans Superdome and a power company, are investigating the matter but say the half-time show was powered by generators and wouldn't have sapped the stadium's electricity.

With more than 108 million Americans watching, along with television viewers in 180 countries, about half the stadium went dark early in the second half of the game.

The Super Bowl ranks with the Olympic Games and football's World Cup among the most planned sporting events in the world with 30 seconds of US television advertising time during the half time costing almost $5 million.