16 Feb 2013

Fifa to introduce biological passport for players

12:22 pm on 16 February 2013

Every footballer at the 2014 World Cup in Brazil will be required to have a biological passport.

The sport's world governing body FIFA intends to introduce the system of biological profiling at this year's Confederations Cup in Brazil, as part of the worldwide crackdown on doping in sport and it should be fully operational by the next World Cup.

A delegation from the World Anti-Doping Agency met FIFA officials at their Zurich headquarters yesterday, and WADA president John Fahey says his agency is very satisfied with the commitment of FIFA on the biological profiles.

Biological profiling, as used in cycling, is considered one of the most effective methods of detecting the use of performance-enhancing drugs and blood boosters like EPO.

FIFA is also developing the hormonal profiling project, a new initiative in collaboration with the WADA-accredited laboratory in Switzerland.