10 Jan 2009

Jesse Ryder dropped

8:30 am on 10 January 2009

Another late night out drinking has cost Jesse Ryder his place in the New Zealand cricket team for tomorrow's one-day international against the West Indies.

Ryder injured a hand badly last year when he cut it on a toilet window in a Christchurch bar.

He missed a team meeting yesterday after a late night in Wellington and couldn't train in Auckland with team management saying he's left out because of inadequate preparation.

Ryder faced a disciplinary hearing and was fined.

New Zealand cricket's chief executive Justin Vaughan says the lapse is disappointing after Ryder's behaviour had improved and he'd been given more lattitude, which in hindsight was premature,

Ryder has apologisedand says he thought he'd reached the point where he could control his drinking but obviously hasn't.

Mathew Sinclair has been called into the side and will bat at number three.