20 Jan 2009

Missing chips trip up Indian orphans in Mumbai

6:25 am on 20 January 2009

Two Indian orphans lost out on a much-needed payday at the Mumbai marathon as they could not afford the $4 for timing chips in their shoes.

The 18-year-olds, Sunita Kanna and Savita Kamble, members of a local sports trust for orphans, came fourth and fifth in the women's half-marathon,

The Hindustan Times says Kanna would have won $500 and Kamble $400 if they had the chips embedded in their shoes.

Their coach says they'd have needed to borrow money to pay for the chips,

He says they came for the experience and didn't expect to place so well.

Around 35,000 people participated in the race , the first international sports event in Mumbai since the militant attacks in November.